Firefly DE550 wireless digital video otoscope

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Firefly DE550 wireless digital video otoscope



Firefly DE550 is the industry’s first wireless high precision digital video otoscope with image and video capture capabilities.  It provides unprecedented accuracy in observing the ear canal.  This is a powerful tool which can be used for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) as well as for patient education.  It is also a versatile tool for self examination and telemedicine.

The DE550 is controlled directly with the FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the product.  This state-of-the art software enables users to capture, store, recall, view, manipulate and measure images and videos in real time.

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Product Description

• Performs highly accurate and clear observations of the ear canal

• Wirelessly captures snapshots & videos

• Integrates easily with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems

• Magnifies objects up to 50x (optical) and up to 150x (digital)

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