Firefly DE300 polarizing digital dermatoscope

Firefly DE300
DE300 on standDE300 mole with polarizer

Firefly DE300 polarizing digital dermatoscope



This cutting-edge digital polarizing dermatoscope is ideal for healthcare professionals, teachers, students and cosmetics professionals where close-up skin inspection and recording is essential.  It can be used for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) as well as for patient education. Unlike older digital scopes costing thousands of dollars, DE300 delivers these capabilities – and much more – at a highly economical cost.

DE300 is controlled directly with the FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the dermatoscope.  This state-of-the art software enables users to capture, store, recall, view, manipulate and measure images and videos in real time.

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Product Description

• Designed for Digital Epiluminescence Microscopy (DELM)

• Quickly captures images & videos

• Magnifies objects up to 50x optically and up to 150x digitally

• Easily integrates with EMR systems

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