PAINmate + ActiPatch 7 Day Trial Combo


PAINmate + ActiPatch 7 Day Trial Combo



The PAINmate TENS machine is affordable, portable, discreet, and wire-free. It provides fast, targeted pain relief, is no bigger than the size of your hand, and fits comfortably under your clothes.

Each cycle will run for 20 minutes with an auto shut off. You will get up to 50 uses before the gel pads or battery need replacing.

The PAINmate TENS machine provides pain relief for; back pain such as lower back pain, joint pain such as; shoulder, knee, and hip joint pain, neck pain (place on back of neck only), and musculoskeletal pain.

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ActiPatch®  provides advanced long-lasting chronic pain relief using Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and works great for chronic back pain, knee pain, shoulder & neck pain, pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, sprains & strains.

ActiPatch® is drug and ingredient-free so is safe for continuous use and can be used while taking any other medication.  Unlike PAINmate, you will not feel heat or vibration.  In fact, ActiPatch® is completely sensation free, so the only thing you are going to feel is better.

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Product Description

PAINmate Features

• Clinically proven pain relief
• Apply where it hurts
• Odour, drug and latex free
• Discreet and easy to use
• 15 intensity levels
• 20 minute treatments, auto shut-off
• Up to 50 uses before replacing battery/gel pads
• Starts working instantly
• Safe and effective
• No wires
• Portable, convenient carry case included
• Pulse rate 35Hz. Pulse width 200µs (fixed)

What’s included

• 1x PAINmate TENS machine
• 1x set self-adhesive gels pads
• 1x CR2032 lithium battery
• 1x carry case



DO NOT use if you: have a pacemaker, have cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy or cancer. This unit should never be used to relieve undiagnosed pain. Before treating any symptoms of pain, you should consult your doctor. Please read the user manual before use.


What is ActiPatch®?

ActiPatch is an award winning, clinically proven*, drug free device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate healing. Used by clinicians for over 30 years, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy has been proven safe and effective in treating both chronic and acute pain. Advances in technology now mean this therapy is available in a small, convenient and economical device for personal use.

How does ActiPatch work?

ActiPatch uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to stimulate nerve activity and dampen the brain’s perception of pain. ActiPatch has been clinically proven to relieve pain and inflammation and help speed recovery. ActiPatch is drug free. You will not feel heat, vibration or any type of sensation using the device.

How to use ActiPatch

• For best results wear continuously in one area for the first week. The more you wear it, the better it works!

• Pain levels will continue to decrease as long as the device is being used 8-24 hours per day. Pain relief may take up to 7 days. Daily treatment may be continuous, or intermittent. Overnight therapy is an effective option for many ActiPatch users.

• The therapeutic area is within the loop of the ActiPatch device. The loop area should be placed  directly over the source of the pain. The device can be worn anywhere on the body. You can wear  more than one ActiPatch medical device at a time as long as the devices are not overlapping.

• Apply to the body using the medical adhesives or wraps included in the pack. The LED light can face either towards or away from the skin. ActiPatch is also effective when worn over light clothing. You can use any type of wraps, adhesives, bandages or clothing to help hold the ActiPatch in place.


The full version 30-day products are $59.95 for 720 hours of use with on/off capability. *This ActiPatch® 7-Day offer is only valid to Australian residents only.