ActiPatch® Muscle & Joint Pain


ActiPatch® Muscle & Joint Pain


How does ActiPatch® work?
Blood flow in the body is regulated by electrical signals that travel along nerves. ActiPatch uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to modify these nerve signals, resulting in increased blood flow to the target area. The increased blood flow stimulates cells to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing by restoring injured tissue to a healthy state. In addition, the pulse electromagnetic field increases sensory nerve traffic to brain which reduces perception of pain.

ActiPatch Muscle & Joint uses:
• Muscle & join soreness
• Neck & shoulder pain
• Hip pain
• Carpal tunnel
• Tennis elbow
• Elbow pain
• Wrist pain
• Sprained ankle
• Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis
INCLUDES: Medical Adhesives

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Product Description

What is ActiPatch?
The ActiPatch is an award winning, clinically proven, drug-free device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate healing.

Used by clinicians for over 30 years, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy has been proven safe and effective in treating both chronic and acute pain. Advances in technology now mean this therapy is available in a small, convenient and economical device for personal use.

ActiPatch Features:
• Clinically proven pain relief and anti-inflammatory action
• Accelerates healing, repairs damaged tissue, reduces swelling, increases blood flow
• ActiPatch is sensation free and drug free
• Up to 24hr per day continuous treatment
• Small, light wearable device
• 720 hours with on/off capability
• Advanced long-lasting relief

How to use ActiPatch
• Recommended use time is initially 8-24 hours a day for the first week. Thereafter 8-24 hours per day as needed. Daily treatment may be continuous, or intermittent. Overnight therapy is an effective option for many ActiPatch users.

• For maximum pain relief, wear continuously in one area until pain diminishes. The more you wear it, the better it works! Pain levels will continue to decrease as long as the device is being used 8-24 hours per day. Pain relief may take up to 7 days.

• The therapeutic area is within the loop of the ActiPatch device. The loop area should be placed directly over the source of the pain. The device can be worn anywhere on the body.

• Apply to the body using the medical adhesives or wraps included in the pack. Alternatively, affix to clothing that is in close proximity to the body over the target area of treatment. Works through clothes, medical dressings and plaster casts.

• You can wear more than one ActiPatch medical device at a time just as long as the devices are not overlapping.

ActiPatch SHOULD NOT be used:
• During pregnancy
• In people with an immature skeleton (under 16 years of age)
• In direct contact with a wound as the device is not sterile
• When showering/bathing. The device is water resistant and NOT waterproof.

SAFE for use in:
diabetics, arthritics, elderly, and people with a compromised renal function, pacemaker or implanted metalwork.